Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RSS Feeds

Today I've added RSS feeds to my portfolio and to this blog.

For those of you who don't know what an RSS is, it's basically a way to get your news and updates from web pages you visit, all in one place. You download an RSS reader (There are many free ones available) then you add RSS feeds by subscribing to them on your favourite sites. Most sites now have a feed, but not all. I use an RSS reader to get all of my Graphic and Web Design news in one place. I can browse the headlines and save myself the time of visiting each individual page.

The feed for this blog will update you each time I make a blog post, and can be found on the side pointed out in this image:
RSS feed image

The feed for my portfolio will update you each time I add a new portfolio piece, and can be found on my homepage, as pointed out in this image:
RSS feed image

Friday, September 11, 2009

The making of a magazine ad

Because graphic design is a job that requires a process that many don't understand, I thought I'd show my latest project in steps to show how a designer works. (I've skipped all of the 1 000 tiny boring steps)

The project I set for myself was to create a series of ads for a fictitious crayon company I named Crayona.

1. First I sketched ideas for the logo/wordmark.
Sketch of logo

2. Once I had an idea what I wanted it to look like, I made the font and logo in Illustrator.
Making letters
Black and White Logo

3. Then I printed it out and redrew it with an actual crayon.
Crayon logo

4. After scanning the crayon logo I made a vector version of it using Photoshop and Illustrator.
Vector logo

5. Once I had the logo, I designed the crayon box using the same style and colours.
Crayon box

6. A little cutting and pasting later, I had a cardboard crayon box.
Photo of box

7. Using the crayons, I drew versions of famous paintings, some came out well, others failed. I tried to do them quickly to give them a more childish look.
Van Gogh
Van Gogh
da Vinci

8. Once I chose the ones I wanted to use, I wrote the artists signature and "age..."
Mondrian signature
Pollack signature
Van Gogh signature

9. ...and made name tags
Name tag

10. Put them all together with a little finesse, and you have a series of magazine ads.
Van Gogh